Once upon a time, a king carried by his slaves wanted to cross a rope bridge. He called all his slaves and asked, "Is it safe? Someone go ahead and cross."

All but one stared at each other and began to point and say, "Your excellency, send him, he is wisest and can tell you if it is safe." Each poor slave pointed at another, and another. Finally, one said, "Let me go across, sire."

Having crossed the bridge, he cut the rope.

Ryan Lackey being lifted onto Sealand, (c) 2000 Donovan Wylie Ryan
 Lackey photographed on top deck of Sealand (c) 2000 Kristen Tsolis Ryan Lackey photographed on helideck of Sealand (c) 2000 Kristen Tsolis Ryan Lackey at Defcon 11, photograph (c) 2003 Declan McCullagh

My resume is available, and I am particularly interested in consulting or contract work which can be conducted remotely, or of limited duration, especially in the San Francisco Bay Area. I can also provide highly competent and self directed technical and marketing personnel on a contract basis for interesting projects anywhere in the world -- please email me if you would like to discuss this (primary focus is security and network/distributed systems specialists).

I am currently working on several exciting projects, including:

The best way to contact me is to email me; ryan@venona.com. My PGP Key has the fingerprint:
1024D/4096g 0xD2E0301F B8B8 3D95 F940 9760 C64B DE90 07AD BE07 D2E0 301F

In the past few years, when not on Sealand, I've spoken at DEFCON 8, 9, 10, DNSCON 2000, 2600 H2K2, Jupiter MediaMetrix/Billboard Plug-in Europe, HAL2001, ACM Reflections/Projections, RSA Conference, and explored London, Paris, and Amsterdam, among other things. I'd be happy to speak at other conferences, if my schedule permits -- gratis if it's a conference I'd otherwise attend, or for expenses and a fee, depending on when, where, and what kind of event.

I'm now a member of the EFF, IEEE, and ACM; I'm considering joining the ACLU, GOA, Public Knowledge, IACR, AAAS, and FAS.